Improve your Search Engine Rankings with AI powered SEO

SEO Doctor is an all in one AI powered SEO tool to help merchants increase their organic rankings, drive tons of free traffic and grow their sales.


SEO Doctor is packaged with the ability to put your SEO on Auto Pilot. Our SMART algorithms will gradually identify and fix your on-page related issues with a single click.


SEO Doctor Image optimization engine is designed to automatically fix your image ALT Text and compress your images for the best performance and load times to Google standard.

404 Errors Fix

Get all 404 errors on your website and those reported by Google Webmaster Tools fixed. Plus with the Auto-redirect option you can automatically redirect all broken links to a preferred page so you never lose a sale.

AI Recommendation

AI powered SEO is the next revolution in SEO. The SEO Doctor AI provides you with smart recommendations to make sure your SEO is done right. From Quality Backlink Recommendation, Smart Keyword Finder (coming soon), Competitor SEO Spy (coming soon) and Content Marketing Assistance (coming soon).

The Keyword Finder takes your primary keyword and provides you with recommendations for long tail keywords with high purchase intent you can easily rank for. This collectively ensures you have more coverage in terms of what consumers are looking to buy.
The Backlink Recommendation engine does the heavy lifting and provides you with recommendations of sources you can build quality backlinks that will be helpful in ranking for specific keywords.
The SEO Doctor Competitor Spy Engine provides you with close to real-time insights on what your competitor's are doing with respect to SEO to get to the 1st page of Gooegle and other search engine. Armed with these insight you can stay one step ahead of the competition.
The Smart Content Marketing Assist tool helps you refine your content and optimize them for your keywords to help you rank high.